All the following academic programs are open to interna-tional students, though enrollment arrangements are somewhat different according to the admission process and enrollment statuses of students at Kansai Gaidai.ACADEMIC PROGRAMSCOLLEGE OF INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTSchool of International Professional DevelopmentThe College offers a cutting-edge educational program in leadership development. The curriculum is unique in that linguistic and social science studies are effectively integrated. Through studies in social sciences, students are expected to develop in-depth knowledge and skills in international affairs and co-existence of multiple cultures to be able to make fair judgments in a multicultural setting.Since many courses in the College are offered in English, it provides a valuable study opportunity in a Japanese under-graduate setting without having to acquire a sufficient level of Japanese language. Working with local students in rigorous social science courses will help you obtain more than just knowledge. The School also offers an Elementary Education Program to cultivate elementary school teachers who are able to effectively teach English.● International Relations [E]● Japan Studies [E]● Sociology [E]● International Organizations [E]● Microeconomics [J]● Macroeconomics [J]● Financial Economics [J]Sample courses* COLLEGE OF FOREIGN STUDIESSchool of English Language and CommunicationSchool of Spanish Language and CommunicationThe College aims to promote expertise in foreign/regional studies in addition to language abilities as a tool of communica-tion. The curriculum includes three major focuses of study. Through a wide range of courses, students are able to increase awareness and understanding about the world.1. International Relations: This Course assists students in attaining specific and expert knowledge about international relations and also leads students in theoretically analyzing and understanding different parts of the world.2. International Cultures: Courses are designed for students to be capable of transitioning from studies in specific areas and regions towards looking at the world in general, so they may develop a global perspective and an open point of view.3. Linguistics: This Course serves as a means through which students can become professionals capable of utilizing their strong language skills and attain expertise in language and literature studies.● Area Studies Seminar [E]● War and Peace [E]● Hospitality [J]● Comparative Cultures [J]● Japanology [J]● Introduction to Japanese Linguistics [J]● Archaeology [J]● Philosophy [J]● Religion [J]Sample courses* GRADUATE SCHOOLAmong national, public, and private universities of foreign languages/studies, Kansai Gaidai’s Doctoral Program is the first program approved by the Ministry of Education. The Graduate School aims to cultivate much needed professionals in educational and business sectors. In response to major reforms in English education in Japan led by the Ministry of Education, the curriculum of the Graduate School has been reviewed and renovated. As part of reforms, new focuses have been added to the “English Linguistics” and the “Language and Cultural Studies” majors.The new additions are: English Teacher Course for Secondary Schools, University English/Spanish Teacher Course, Japanese Linguistics and Teaching Course, and English Business Communication Course. Offering Master’s and Doctoral degrees in English Linguistics and Language and Cultural Studies, we seek to foster highly competent professionals who possess a solid foundation in linguistics and language teaching as well as business expertise. Master’s degrees are offered in: ● English Linguistics major: English Linguistics English Education● Language and Cultural Studies major: Language and Culture Studies Japanese Linguistics English Business CommunicationDoctoral degrees are offered in:● English Linguistics major: English Linguistics English Education● Language and Cultural Studies major: Linguistics Language and Culture Studies Japanese Linguistics Cultural Anthropology Comparative Culture8

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