*Courses are subject to change without prior notice. [E] Courses offered in English [J] Courses offered in JapaneseCOLLEGE OF GLOBAL COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGESchool of Global Communication and LanguageThe objective of this College is to nurture internationally competent business persons. The College currently accommodates degree-seeking transfer students from our international partner institutions, in addition to one-year exchange students. The general education courses cover a wide range of areas such as international management, international organizations, Japanese or Chinese studies, etc. Local students are expected to become proficient in English and Chinese languages during the first year and then study abroad for a semester each in English and Chinese (optional) speaking countries.International students are invited to take courses with local students. Project Based Learning—a unique course in which students are expected to plan and execute assigned projects. Some Japanese studies courses may be of interest to non-degree seeking students as they cover Japanese traditional culture or manga culture.● Language and Mind [J]● Language and Communication [J]● Chinese Conversation [J]● Intermediate Chinese [J]● HSK Preparation [J]Sample courses* KANSAI GAIDAI COLLEGEDivision of English and American Studies(Two-year Program)Kansai Gaidai College is a two-year program which prepares students for a variety of options after graduation. Approxi-mately 50% of the students transfer to four-year universities, mainly to Kansai Gaidai University. In order to ensure that students develop sufficient social skills, the College offers foundation courses titled “K.G.C. Basics.” Study focuses are on general education for transfer purposes, hospitality and services, and international communication.● Practical Secretarial Skills [J]● Japanese Expository Writing [J]● Hotel Business [J]● Airline Business [J]● Business Ethics [J]Sample courses* ASIAN STUDIES PROGRAMThe Asian Studies Program is a one academic year (or one semester) program open to international students. The curriculum consists of Japanese language courses and other lecture courses focusing on Japan and Asia. All these courses are upper-level courses taught in English and range from business, history, politics, and pop-culture to studio art courses. Japanese language courses are offered from beginning to advanced levels. The academic calendar of the Asian Studies Program follows a typical western calendar. The fall semester runs from September through December, and the spring semester is from late January through May.The Asian Studies Program also accommodates selected local students who are highly motived to take courses with international students each semester. Therefore, international students have many opportu-nities to have discussions and/or group projects with local students.More information can be found from page 12. The following are the qualities and competences we expect our students to acquire through studying at Kansai Gaidai. These individuals possess:● the attitude to think and act proactively.● awareness and understanding of differences in values and cultures.● the ability to effectively communicate with people from different backgrounds.● the ability to anticipate or identify problems and act on them by using negotiation and facilitation skills. ● willingness to make contributions to the promotion of global understanding. GLOBAL HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT9

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