Kansai Gaidai is located in the city of Hirakata in Osaka prefec-ture. Located midway between Osaka, Japan’s second largest metropolis, and Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan (both cities accessible by train within one hour), Kansai Gaidai’s campus is in the commercial and cultural heart of Japan, making it an excellent starting point from which you can begin your exploration of a land that, by anyone’s standards, is truly fascinating. A train ride of a little over one hour will bring you to Nara, even older than Kyoto, which offers various cultural assets including the oldest wooden temples in Japan.Whether your focus is on traditional culture or modern business, there are countless opportunities for you to gain firsthand knowl-edge about Japan. KYOTOOSAKANARAKOBESHINKANSEN LINESKANSAIINTERNATIONALAIRPORTKYOTOOSAKANARAKOBEKANSAIGAIDAIUNIVERSITYKANAZAWAOSAKAKYOTONARANAGOYATOKYOHIROSHIMAFUKUOKANAGASAKIKAGOSHIMAAOMORISAPPOROHAKODATEAKITAYAMAGATANIIGATA11KANSAI GAIDAI’S LOCATION

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