The objective of the Asian Studies Program at Kansai Gaidai is based on the realization that the post-cold war period has created a new era of worldwide relationships. The emergence of a global economy and the consequent fusion of world cultures, as well as their enduring distinctiveness, are fundamental realities that are addressed by our program. Firmly believing that Japan and Asia will continue to be key players throughout the 21st century, the program encourages students to tackle new challenges and take advantage of various opportunities available in Japan.Our Asian Studies Program is special because it is committed to educating students about all of the dimensions of Japanese life: language, cultural values, business structures and practices, political institutions, arts, literature, and historical landmarks in the evolution of international relations.The learning process is enhanced by direct exposure to a new culture through participation in daily Japanese life. In essence, our program, with all its strengths, spurs foreign students to explore a new foundation for judgment regarding matters pertinent to Japan and Asia.Established in 1972, the Asian Studies Program today annually welcomes over 700 competitively selected students who represent about 40 countries and regions. Typically, our student body is equally balanced between males and females. About 90% of the total program participants are from our affiliated institutions worldwide, and the remaining 10% enroll independently.The raison d’être of the program is to provide international students with a means of exploring Japan and Asian studies through classroom instruction and interaction with Japanese people. Japanese language courses range from introductory through advanced levels. Previous Japanese language training is not required.A variety of course offerings relevant to Japan and Asia, taught by experienced faculty members, will provide new perspectives for participants and inspire their intellectual and personal growth. One of the special advantages of studying in our program is the fact that all courses, except for Japanese language courses, are conducted in English.The completion of the new campus, “Gotenyama Campus・Global Town,” greatly expands the arena for the various activities of the Asian Studies Program, since the new campus and the current Nakamiya campus are located closely together. The Asian Studies Program participants have increased oppor-tunities to fully integrate into the academic and social commu-nities of the two campuses.INTRODUCTIONAN OVERVIEW13

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