The Kansai Gaidai Internship Program (KGIP) is offered as part of the curriculum of the Asian Studies Program, making possible real life experience in Japanese business firms and local schools.This is a wonderful opportunity for students to extend their studies and knowledge about Japan beyond the classroom to the workplace itself. In many cases, internships offered in Japan are more focused on visiting companies and listening to explanations about their activities. The KGIP is different. It involves actual tasks and assignments, and thus interns are fully integrated into the daily operations of the firms. This is similar to how internships are promoted and managed in the USA and Europe. The KGIP therefore provides our students with a rare opportu-nity to experience and learn firsthand about the Japanese work environment. For those students planning to work in Japan or in an international setting, the KGIP will show prospective employ-ers that you have already worked in a Japanese work setting. For students who plan to apply for the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program, the KGIP will provide work experience that is similar to the JET program activities in a school. The KGIP is intended to be offered throughout the year.● Students are able to obtain credits upon completion of all the requirements stipulated in the Kansai Gaidai Academic Regulations. Transfer of these credits is at the discretion of their home institutions. ● The internships are unpaid. ● Participants are selected through internal screening procedures, and final approval is made, in many cases, by the host companies. ● Special preparatory seminars are offered to help students develop understanding as to what to expect during the internship and on Japanese business etiquette to facilitate a smooth transition. ● Housing during the summer is available (fee-charged).Language Expectations:Business level Japanese is expected for most of the business firms, elementary schools, as well as NPO and government offices. Junior and senior high school internships may not require such a level of Japanese language ability.Again, this is a wonderful opportunity to develop insight into business firms and school operations by our students. We expect a strong commitment and hard work from students in this program. Make your resume more impressive with this invalu-able internship experience in Japan. Kansai Gaidai Internship ProgramTOPICS AND SPECIAL FEATURESSakai Tourism & Convention BureauKnowledge Capital Association Osaka Prefectural Shijonawate High SchoolNippon Express Co., Ltd.14

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