The Asian Studies Summer Program is a six-week program, which offers a well-rounded introduction to Japanese language and culture. By combining semi-intensive Japanese language classes with a series of lectures and field trips, students are able to gain a basic understanding of Japanese language and society. The program is designed to cover a wide range of topics from Japanese pop culture and current political issues to time-honored traditions and history through lectures and site visits.The Summer Program is offered for six weeks in June and July when the programs for local students are in full operation. Thus, participants are able to have active interactions with local students. Students will be accommodated in the international student dormitory with full kitchen facilities. The Summer Program can be a good starting point of your exploration of Japan.Program Contents:● Introductory Japanese: 8 credits● Introduction to Asian Studies: 2 credits● Cultural Activities include field trips to Kyoto and Osaka.Note: Program contents may change due to staff arrangements without prior notice. There will be a program fee to participate. Further notice will be posted on the website in due course.*Host companies/schools may change without advance notice.Note: There may be some fees to participate in the program.Host companies, organizations and schools who accepted interns during the summer of 2017*[ Business Firms ]● Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, Inc.● Kanai Juyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.● Kawaso Texcel Co., Ltd.● KCJ GROUP INC. (KidZania)● Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.● Knowledge Capital Association● Kokuyo Co.,Ltd.● Komatsu Ltd.● Kubota Corporation● Nichiden Corporation● Nippon Express Co., Ltd.● SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.● Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation● Suzuki Menthol Co., Ltd.● Tachikichi Corporation● The Royal Hotel, Ltd.[ Governmental Ofces / Organizations ]● U.S. Consulate General, Osaka-Kobe● Sakai Tourism & Convention Bureau[ Local Schools ]Asian Studies Summer ProgramOsaka Prefectural Shijonawate High SchoolThe Royal Hotel, Ltd.● Hirakata Municipal Hirakata Daiichi Middle School● Hirakata Municipal Hirakata Daini Elementary School● Hirakata Municipal Hirakata Elementary School● Hirakata Municipal Hirano Elementary School● Hirakata Municipal Ikaga Elementary School● Hirakata Municipal Kuzuha Elementary School● Hirakata Municipal Kuzuha Middle School● Hirakata Municipal Nagao Nishi Middle School● Hirakata Municipal Sugi Middle School● Osaka International Takii High School● Osaka Prefectural Shijonawate High School● Osaka Prefectural Hirakata High School● Osaka Prefectural Kitakawachi Satsukigaoka High School15

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