The Japanese language classes are divided into two distinct categories: required “Japanese” courses and elective “Kanji and Readings” courses. These courses are taught by a full comple-ment of native Japanese language instructors who combine years of experience with a unique ability to teach a language that has been viewed as one of the most difficult languages to learn. The five-credit “Japanese” courses are required of all program participants to equip them with four major skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading). Each 90-minute class meets three times a week and is limited to 10-15 students per class. This permits instructors to devote a great deal of individual attention to each student. In addition to classroom instruction, most students spend a great deal of time in the computer labs, where they are able to learn on an individual basis with the aid of audio materials, films, and computer programs, developed by Kansai Gaidai Japanese language instructors.The three-credit 90-minute elective “Kanji and Readings” courses, which meet two times a week, are designed to accelerate acquisition of skills in particular areas focused on writing kanji, reading authentic Japanese readings and so on.日本語JAPANESE LANGUAGE COURSES(offered fall and spring) The course offerings listed herein are prepared for publication well in advance and they are subject to change.17

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