The Asian Studies Program at Kansai Gaidai provides a unique window into Japanese culture, language, history, and tradition through an interdisciplinary set of courses and a once-in-a-lifetime study abroad experience. Students are offered classes in a variety of topics in rapidly changing Asian societies and cultures, current social issues as well as Japan’s history and culture. In order to make it possible for those with a limited knowledge of Japanese language to pursue these courses, all lecture and seminar courses are offered in English.The courses are generally equivalent to 300-400 level up to graduate school preparation courses for third or fourth year undergraduate students and vary in terms of the academic content and amount of work required. Many of our courses are designed with non-majors in mind, so no prerequisite courses are required. Only a few courses recommend that students have some prior knowledge in the relevant discipline. Field TripsSeveral courses in the Program are effectively supplemented by outside field trips. Each semester, professors and students explore dimensions of Japanese history, society, and culture that cannot be learned from books. Your expertise from class adds valuable background texture to what you see with your own eyes.The course offerings listed herein are prepared for publication well in advance and they are subject to change.講義ASIA/JAPAN STUDIES COURSES(3 semester credits each) 20

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