Advanced technology has made international communications much faster and easier, making the world borderless and interdependent. Yet, there are many issues that must be addressed and resolved on a global basis. We are in the era in which human intelligence is truly tested. Promotion of international understanding and cooperation is more than ever needed to cope with complex issues and problems. Kansai Gaidai was founded in 1945 in the ashes of World War II with the determination to play a leading role in the promotion of cross-cultural understanding so as to make positive contributions to world peace. This spirit has been reflected in the establishment of innovative academic programs as well as extensive international collaborations. Our international affiliations currently include 383 universities and colleges representing 54 countries and regions. Through collaboration with our overseas partner institutions, we are able to provide our students with many educational programs to develop the necessary foundation to pursue intellectual curiosity, self-awareness, and concern for others in a culturally diversified setting. Heavy emphasis is placed on practical learning and first-hand experience since it is only through such experience that people become fully aware of cultural differences and develop a deeper understanding about them. Discover how Kansai Gaidai University can help you prepare to meet the challenges of the new era and how, in return, you can share your knowledge and experience in our international community to build bridges to a better future for all of us.MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENTYoshitaka Tanimoto, L.H.D.President1

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