The program is designed to provide new students with information on important academic regulations and immigration procedures as well as basic understanding of Japanese culture and daily life.Since local students will be involved in the introduction of campus life, new students will have their first opportunity to get to know them. ORIENTATION PROGRAMJapanese Language Placement TestStudents who have studied Japanese language are required to take the placement test to determine the appropriate level of courses.Campus TourA brief tour of the campus led by local students to introduce facilities such as the library, student cafeterias, bookstore, athletic facilities, as well as relevant adminis-trative offices.Academic OrientationImportant academic regulations, including course registration procedures are introduced. Living in Japan (Safety Issue Orientation)Japan is considered to be relatively safe, yet there are issues students should be aware of. This session covers general guidelines about life in Japan and safety issues particularly applicable to international students.Immigration ProceduresAll students must have a student visa in order to enroll in the program. All the participants must also be covered by an insurance policy that is valid for the entire period of stay in Japan. Proof of such insurance must be submitted before registration.Dormitory Resident MeetingAll students who opt to live in our dormitory are required to attend. In order to ensure a comfortable stay, rules and expectations are explained. PaymentsStudents who are expected to pay fees on site are required to complete all the payments during the orientation period.Tips for a Successful HomestayThis session aims to develop some understanding about Japanese customs and social expectations. Tips will be introduced on how to adapt to Japanese life, what to expect from host families, basic rules to follow, etc.Course RegistrationStudents must register for courses during the orientation period at the beginning of each semester upon completing the necessary payments to Kansai Gaidai (if applicable). Registration will be conducted via the on-line system (access available after arrival).Optional Tour to KyotoThis trip is designed to help students to get accustomed with the local transportation systems by actually visiting Kyoto by public transportation. In an effort to provide international and local students with more opportunities to interact with each other, the “Experience Japan Program” has been launched. In this program, local students present international students with various hands-on programs to introduce Japanese culture and unique aspects of Japan through day trips, sports, cooking, or Japanese distinctive cultural activities such as tea ceremony and calligraphy.International students are also welcome to propose activities which may help Japanese people to understand their cultures and countries. Detailed information on this program will be given to you upon your arrival here.EXPERIENCE JAPAN PROGRAMMaking food samplesPracticing calligraphyTrying Yuzen Dyeing35

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