KAYA, Ummiye BegumTurkeyBogazici UniversityARMITAGE, Cole ChristopherCanada Trent UniversityU.S.A.University of South FloridaKRONICK, Matthew EvanGermanyDeggendorf Institute of TechnologyHOEHLER, Natalie PetraINTERNATIONAL STUDENT TESTIMONIALS(The countries below indicate the locations of students’ home institutions.)I came to Japan as I was interested in studying interactive media and animation. I was able to experience what Japanese culture was truly like. The experience at Kansai Gaidai was one of the greatest of my life. 日本が大好きです。I came to Japan to study Japanese language because it is the best way to learn the language. Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I hope others try their best to make it happen.Kansai Gaidai is the place where you can find yourself in a welcoming and sincere atmosphere. Please take advantage of the study abroad opportunity here and grow with your friends throughout your experience in Japan.This experience is great as I can truly immerse myself into Japanese language and culture. Learning business and culture from a Japanese perspective opened my mind to explore new ways for the future.The most popular friendship program among international students at Kansai Gaidai is the “Speaking Partner Program.” The primary function of speaking partners is to assist international students in further developing their Japanese language proficiency. In return, you will help local students learn your own language and culture.In this program, activities are not limited to exchange of language lessons. Students may find themselves enjoying various university events, visiting historical sites in Kyoto and Nara, being captivated by pop-culture in downtown Osaka, and much more.All in all, a speaking partner will be a good resource person for you while making the necessary adjustments to a new campus life. Prior to your arrival at Kansai Gaidai, you are encouraged to apply for the program, and a speaking partner will be introduced to you.SPEAKING PARTNER PROGRAM36

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