Taking part in extracurricular activities is a good way to interact with local students. The clubs and circles welcome the participation of international students. Active participation in club and circle activities enriches student life and builds interpersonal relationships and social skills. To name a few, athletically inclined students may join soccer, basketball, or tennis clubs. There is also a wide range of Japanese martial arts clubs such as Judo, Kendo, or Karate. Those who seek cultural pursuits may find it attractive to explore clubs such as Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement, or Koto (the Japanese harp). Information on clubs and circles is available at the CIE. Students should be aware that because of the Japanese academic calendar, clubs/circles are not usually active in February and March.EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIESTAPIA MORAN, Hector AndresEcuadorEspiritu Santo UniversityLUNDBERG, Nicole JulianneU.S.A.Robert Morris UniversityU.S.A.Macalester CollegeWILHELM, Andrea JaynU.S.A.University at Albany, State University of New YorkNOYES, Matthew DavidWhat I like about this program is the course load is well balanced here. While I study hard in classrooms, there are also many opportunities you can go out and learn first-hand through actual real-world experiences.Students at Kansai Gaidai are very serious about learning other languages. My experience here definitely deepened my connections and my appreciation for Japan, and greatly improved my ability to speak and communicate in Japanese.It has been one of my childhood dreams to come and study in Japan. I made a lot of friends from many different countries and what I learned here should be very helpful for my professional and personal life in the future. Keep providing wonderful opportuni-ties that people will never forget.I am studying International Relations and hope to work in Japan in the future. My professors are very friendly and are always willing to help us. I recommend this program if you wish to improve your Japanese language skills and meet many local students.37

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