Kansai Gaidai University’s mission is to cultivate well-educated individuals who can make positive contributions to global society, and to provide practical learning opportunities to meet the changing needs of society with a fair perspective.Kansai Gaidai’s mid- and long-term vision was created under the title of “Kansai Gaidai Renais-sance” in 2009. There are six main themes which constitute the philosophy of our institution.● Language education as the foundation of international programs● Innovative approach to prepare highly efficient professionals● Fostering leadership through well-rounded education — Cultivating members of global society ● Launching the “Globe is our Campus” project — To further expand and enhance study areas● Global + Local = Glocalism: Partnership with community● Strengthening the University for a prosperous futureGENERAL INFORMATIONMISSIONMID- AND LONG-TERM VISION2

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