Since the Asian Studies Program follows the typical academic calendar of overseas insti-tutions in the northern hemisphere, there are some periods when there are few local students on campus. During these periods, there are student organized events to provide international students with opportunities to meet and interact with local students.Asian Studies Program9 September10 October11 November12 December1January2 FebruaryClub and circle activities can give you new skills and lead to lifelong friendships with local students.Opening CeremonyThis first official event is always filled with anxiety and excitement.HalloweenThe Costume Contest is one of the highlights of the event.Spring Semester BeginsOver 200 international students newly arrive for the spring semester, bringing the total enrollment to nearly 400 students.University FestivalCountless food stalls and cultural events attract visitors even from off-campus.Experience Japan ProgramStudent volunteers offer interesting cultural events to help international students experience Japanese life and culture.Open CampusProspective local students are guided around campus and exposed to the international atmosphere.Japanese Academic CalendarCAMPUS EVENTSFall Semester Spring SemesterFall Semester( Student Organized Events)In addition to on-campus events, there are many opportunities to blend into Japanese local life.Student lounges are full of students representing various countries. Intercul-tural exchange is a part of daily life at Kansai Gaidai.38

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