HomestayA homestay offers an excellent learning opportunity to help acquire knowledge about Japanese language and culture, but more importantly, contribute to the personal growth of the participating student. Living with a Japanese family will provide students with an environ-ment to develop their language skills and to understand the daily life, values, and customs of Japanese people first hand. Global Commons 結 -YUI-Global Commons 結 -YUI- serves as an international residence. Approximately 50% of its residents are local students who are eager to share their experiences with international students. Various cultural activities are held to promote international friendship.Off-Campus HousingSome students make their own off-campus housing arrangements. Pecu-liarities of Japanese rental arrangements could make apartment living rather expensive, and Japanese apartments are almost always completely unfurnished. Nonetheless, a limited number of places have been found in the vicinity of the university.Housing OptionsKansai Gaidai offers its international stu-dents two types of housing arrangements: homestay or dormitory (Global Commons 結 -YUI-). Both arrangements provide stu-dents with many opportunities to experi-ence Japanese life and culture first-hand.Since there are no facilities available for students who come with spouses and chil-dren, students who have accompanying members will be asked to secure their own housing.HOUSING暮40

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