Resident Assistants Global Commons 結 ―YUI―Global Commons 結 –YUI– is not just a residence. It’s a place where students from countries and cultures from all over the world interact as a community. It’s a place where intensive cross-cultural learning takes place. It’s the new centerpiece for Kansai Gaidai’s enhanced global education.The main concept of the Global Commons 結 –YUI– is to create a truly international community where students from all over the world live and learn together by engaging enthu-siastically in academic and non-academic activities. The Global Commons 結 -YUI- is based on the following concepts:Diversity: We believe in learning through experience in a multicultural environment. Diversity is one of the most valuable features of this facility. As more than 40 countries and regions are represented, cultural sensitivity and aware-ness are developed through daily interactions.Experiential Learning: All residents are encouraged to actively participate in various residential programs. We aim to complement classroom experiences by engaging students in unique practical learning opportunities beyond the classroom.Accountability: We prepare students for their future careers through encouraging critical thinking, effective communication, and the facilitation of problem-solving through the practice of the student’s daily activities and his or her responsibilities. Students will learn to be accountable both individually and collectively.Global Community: The bond developed through the experience of living and learning together is one of the strongest, and is vital for creating an inclusive community. YUI is launched to expand this bond beyond countries and cultures. We hope students will continue to endeavor to make positive contributions to global society, utilizing the network they develop here.Local students have been appointed as Resident Assistants for each unit. They not only assist students in settling into the Kansai Gaidai campus community, but also help orga-nize various events and activities to make their residential life enjoyable. They also help develop international rela-tionships between local and interna-tional students. The Home Visit Program is designed for international stu-dents living in our dormitory or off-campus housing. This program allows students to become acquainted with aspects of Japanese culture and daily life. Families of local students sign up for this pro-gram as volunteers and invite interna-tional students to their homes.Home Visit Program42

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