❶ Cafeteria (North)As the largest on-campus cafeteria, a variety of meals are available. It is also an excellent meeting place for international and local students. ❷ Circular StageA variety of events are held here. The roof has photovoltaic cells to generate electricity. ❸ McDonald’sEven McDonald’s in Japan offers a wide selection of meals with particular Japanese flavors that may surprise you. Beginning from April 2018, the University will become completely smoke-free.❹ Seattle’s Best CoffeeOur coffee shop offers a variety of blends and specialty drinks perfectly matching the seasons all year long.❺ Convenience StoreThe on-campus convenience store serves students’ daily needs by selling soft drinks, snacks, and goods for personal hygiene.❽ Center For International EducationThe Center for International Education is a core facility for international students and local students interested in international education. This four-story building houses a large student lounge, classrooms, faculty offices, facilities for studio art courses, as well as the international office. ❼ Japanese GardenYou can appreciate traditional Japanese garden on campus. A tea house standing at the edge of the pond creates an authentic Japanese atmosphere. ❻ Central GardenThis open space garden is in the heart of the campus.NAKAMIYA CAMPUS❾ International        Communication CenterThis innovative four-story building serves as a hub for various intercul-tural activities and collaborative projects with local schools and the community.CAMPUS FACILITIES Library and Media CenterThis multi-functional facility provides students with various learning methods and materials such as audio-visual materials, books, and self-study programs on PC’s.46

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