Gotenyama Campus・Global Town is completely smoke-free. ❶ EntranceAn ornamental fountain at the entrance welcomes students and visitors into a world of multi-cultural learning. On the right are a Starbucks Coffee★ and a convenience store both open to public. ❷ VillaThe first area upon entering the campus is the U-shaped classroom building complex named “Villa.” With a typical Italian Villa layout, the buildings are located around an open space. This state-of-art study facility is unique in its own right.❸ Global Commons 結 -YUI-This facility is an international residence accommodating about 700 international and local students. Many cultural events are offered to its residents.Gotenyama Campus・Global Town opens in April 2018. Located only 400 meters west of the Nakamiya Campus, the Gotenyama Campus・Global Town adds new concepts to Kansai Gaidai’s international education programs. Innovative facilities are key to this 50,000 square meter campus at Gotenyama.GOTENYAMA CAMPUS・GLOBAL TOWN❹ Garden SquareLocated in the center of the campus the Garden Square is where students gather to study in a relaxed atmosphere or just enjoy themselves. ❺ Academic CommonsBuildings on the south side of the campus are “Aca-demic Commons” consisting of classrooms and faculty offices. Administrative Offices are located on the 1st floor.❻ Learning CommonsLocated west side of the campus is the four-storied “Learning Commons,” consisting of library, self-study rooms, and the “Study & Café” facility.Starbucks Coffee47

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