Kansai Gaidai has launched a new undertaking called “the Gotenyama Campus・Global Town” project. The new site is located 400 meters west of the Nakamiya campus. The College of Global Communication and Language currently at the Gakkentoshi campus will be relocated to the new site. This project brings our two campuses together physically and operationally, making them the new centerpiece for our enhanced global education.The concept of this initiative is to create a representation of the “world” on campus. Abundant opportunities will be available for international students to interact not only with local students and the community, but also with students representing more than 40 other countries and regions. NEW CAMPUS PROJECT:GOTENYAMA CAMPUS・GLOBAL TOWN GOTENYAMA CAMPUS・GLOBAL TOWN Global Commons-YUI-結The Chinese character, 結, means “bonding.” It represents our vision of connecting and bonding together countries and peoples of the world.The facility, also serving as a residence for 700 overseas and local students, will function as a “learn-ing commons” for all the students to enhance their intellectual and personal growth.The main concept of this facility stems from the university’s mission to provide practical learning. Students will have the opportunity to experience studying and living in a multicultural environment in order to grow as global citizens.NEW CAMPUS PROJECTFor further details, see page 424

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