Students who have applied for extension of stay through the 2020 Spring semester should carefully note the following:

1. Date of Notification of Approval/Disapproval of Extension of Stay

On Tuesday, December 24, students will receive a notification of the approval/disapproval of their extension application via e-mail.

2. General Deposit of JPY10,000

For students whose extension is approved, the general deposit of JPY10,000 will be carried over to the next semester. Their deposit will be refunded to them at the end of their next semester of stay when they meet all the necessary requirements.

3. Global Commons -YUI- Security Deposit of JPY30,000

For students whose extension is approved, the security deposit of 30,000 yen will be carried over to the next semester if you still select Global Commons -YUI- as your next semester’s accommodation.

If you currently join Homestay Program or stay in your own apartment and will select YUI as accommodation for next semester, you will be charged this fee for next semester.

This refundable deposit is mandatory for Global Commons YUI residents regardless of their status, and will be reimbursed at the termination of residence after possible deduction based on the check-out inspection.

4. Unofficial Transcript

Grades of the fall semester will be available through K-GENESYS sometime in the middle of January.

5. Computer Access

If the extension application is approved, students' current user ID and password will be kept till the end of the Spring 2020 semester.

6. Residence Hall: Luggage and Check-in Procedures

Storing luggages in the Residence Hall during the Winter Break
Students who have been accepted for admission to the spring semester may leave their luggage at Residence Hall(maximum of 3 pieces). If they wish to keep their luggage, please talk to the caretaker if they are a YUI resident, or if they are a non-YUI resident, please e-mail to by December 20 and necessary instructions will be given. Please note that they will have no access to their luggage until January 17, 2020.

Check-in for the Orientation Period
Kansai Gaidai accommodations will become available for both extension and new students starting from Friday, January 17 through Sunday, January 26 free of charge. If students choose Homestay as a semester accommodation, they are assigned in Seminar House 4 during Orientation Period. Please remember that during the orientation period, the number of residents will be well above the normal capacity. However, those students who stay at YUI during Winter Break, they will continue to stay at YUI during Orientaion Period.

7. Re-entry into Japan [IMPORTANT]

If students are planning to make an overseas trip (including returning to their home country) and coming back to Japan, be sure to tick "Departure with Special Re-entry Permission" on the Embarkation Card for Reentrant section when they submit the ED card at the port of departure. For more information, please refer to the "Immigration: Re-Entry" section on the student handbook page:

8. Airport Pick-up Service

Although we do not provide pick-up service for extension students, students may take advantage of the service only when seats are available at the cost of 5,000yen (Reservation is not available).

However, we strongly recommend that they make own travel arrangements for coming back to Hirakata next semester.

9. Bicycle

If an extension student does not currently have a bicycle and plan on purchasing or obtaining a bicycle from a terminating student, he/she should take the bicycle to the bike shop where the former owner purchased it, with the bike registration form (the guarantee certificate) and his/her ID, and ask the shop to change the ownership and crime prevention registration of the bicycle. If he/she does not do so, when the police check the bicycle, he/she will be considered owning a stolen bicycle and will be in serious trouble.

Make sure that the former owner cancelled the bicycle registration at the CIE (the student must remove the yellow registration sticker and submit it to the CIE). Then, you must submit a copy of the bike registration form (the guarantee certificate) to the CIE in order to obtain a new registration sticker from the CIE.

10. Spring Semester Orientation Schedule and Registration

Students are not expected to participate in the spring semester orientation. However, it will be your responsibility to complete necessary payments, submission of documents and registration for the spring semester by the designated deadline. They may NOT ask their friends to register for them. Further information regarding the orientation details will be posted on Kansai Gaidai ASP website in the beginning of January.