ALL STUDENTS who plan to terminate their stay here after this semester should inform us of their intentions by submitting the on-line TERMINATION REQUEST FORM. This form is due no later than Tuesday, October 22, which will include a proposed date for moving out of accommodations arranged by Kansai Gaidai (i.e. Homestay or Residence Hall). Unless this form is received by the Center for International Education, on or before Tuesday, October 22, the refund for their general deposit (JPY10,000) and Global Commons -YUI- security deposit (JPY30,000, YUI Residents only) will not be processed. This deposit money can be refunded between December 17 through December 24 during office hours. They will be informed of specific procedures later.

As noted in the academic calendar, the latest possible date for moving out of your homestay is Tuesday, December 24. This date must be strictly observed. Those in Residence Hall should also vacate their rooms by this date.

Students who plan to stay in Japan after this semester, but not enroll for the Spring semester at Kansai Gaidai, should secure their own housing. Such students must also find new sponsorship for their visas, since Kansai Gaidai will not be able to act as legal guarantor for students who have terminated their studies here.

Please refer to Memorandum for Termination Students for further information regarding what to do before you leave.

Submit Termination Form