Application Period Tuesday, December 1 - Wednesday, December 16
*Please note application will be closed when the number of applicants reaches the capacity.
Notification of Your Family Monday, January 18
First Meeting*
(Attendance Required: We will introduce your Home Visit Partner in this meeting)
Tuesday, January 26
6:30 pm~

*Note: The schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

The Home Visit Program is available for international students who are residing in our Residence Hall or off-campus accommodations. This program has been organized as part of our efforts to respond to the needs of international students who may have somewhat limited contact with Japanese families because of their living situations.

Families who have signed up for this program are the families of local Kansai Gaidai students. They have volunteered to invite you to their homes to provide you with an extended experience of Japanese family life, and do not receive any compensation. The program, therefore, is operated totally based on their kindness. We thus hope that you will be sure to express your gratitude to your family.


You will be invited to visit your assigned home visit family on weekends and/or holidays. There are no specific rules as to how many times you will meet with your family, and meeting appointments are to be made directly between you and your home visit family. Please try to communicate with your family very clearly and precisely when you make appointments. When you cannot keep any appointment, please be sure to contact the family as soon as possible.
Transportation fares to/from your family will be your own responsibility.
Kind of activities you may expect will vary according to each family. Some families may invite you to their homes for conversation or dinner. You may be invited to participate in some community activities, such as sports day.
We have asked families to explain clearly and carefully if/when they plan to go out to visit some places. We have asked them to inform you of necessary expenses for which you are expected to be responsible, before they make any plans.
The number of students' requests for this program will of course depend on the number of applications we receive from Japanese students. If the number of international students requesting a Home Visit Family exceeds the number of families available, the selection will be made by lottery by the office.


Step1 Access GAIDAI-Link
Step2 Complete “Home Visit Program Application 2021 SP”


Step1 On January 18, you will receive Home Visit Family Information Sheet.
Step2 On January 26, you will meet your Home Visit Program Partner in the First Meeting.
(Time: 6:30 pm~/ Place: Rm. 3101@Nakamiya Campus)