Confirmation of Participation

Within three weeks of receipt of admission notification, you should confirm your participation by sending us the following fees and documents:

  1. Admission Fee of US$50 and Enrollment Confirmation Deposit of US$200* (Both are non-refundable.)
  2. A copy of your passport. (Only applicable for those students who have not submit it us yet.).
  3. Financial Gurantee Form - The Financial Guarantee Form (This form must be completed by the person who holds the necessary funds) and the evidence verifying the amount of funds you will have available. Please understand that this procedure is required by the Japanese Ministry of Justice, and without this evidence, the Ministry will not issue a certificate of eligibility (visa supporting document). If one document does not demonstrate coverage of full expenses of your stay, you may send us a combination of the following documents:
    • Recent bank statements showing your balances. If you send us a bank statement not under your name, the following documents must also be submitted:
      • A copy of legal document verifying the relationship between you and the person who holds the funds (e.g., birth certificate if the person is your parent).
    • A copy of your loan application.
    • A copy of your scholarship application or approved letter.

Certificate of Eligibility

Upon receipt of the confirmation on your participation in our program, Kansai Gaidai will apply to Osaka Immigration Office for your Certificate of Eligibility which is a vital document for your student visa application. Please note that it normally takes four to six weeks for the immigration office to issue the Certificate.

Since the Certificate of Eligibility is valid for only three months from the date of issuance and it becomes invalid if the landing application is not filed within that period, we are not able to apply for it very far in advance. Thus, you should expect to receive your Certificate of Eligibility sometime in July for the fall semester and in December for the spring semester.

Address Form

In the meantime, you are requested to send us the mailing address for your Certificate of Eligibility through our on-line application system, GAIDAI-Link.

Visa Acquisition

When we receive your Certificate of Eligibility from the immigration office, we will send it to you at the address you submitted to Kansai Gaidai. With your Certificate of Eligibility and your passport issued by your home government, you should not encounter any difficulties in obtaining a student visa. However, we strongly advise that you contact the nearest Japanese Consulate for precise procedures to obtain a student visa prior to the receipt of your Certificate.

Important Notice

As the timing of issuance of Certificates of Eligibility is totally up to the immigration office, even if you would like to arrive in Japan earlier than the expected arrival dates, we cannot guarantee that you can receive your Certificate and Student Visa in time for your departure for Japan.

All foreigners entering Japan are expected to obtain an appropriate visa prior to their arrival in Japan, and thus, NO foreigners are expected to change their residence status (visa) within the country. Accordingly, if you enter Japan with a residence status (visa) other than College Student, you may be asked by the immigration office to leave Japan for your home country or a third country to make a visa application. If the application is made in a third country, it may take longer for your application to be processed.

Also, you are requested to contact us immediately if you currently possess Japanese nationality and hold Japanese passport.

*Enrollment Confirmation Deposit will be credited to your first semester tuition payment.