Career Center

Do you wish to play an active role in the international arena or contribute to the international community? If so, Kansai Gaidai University can help you take the first step toward fulfilling your hope. Even though it seems a long way off, keep on believing that you can do it, and you will be able to accomplish your goal.

Kansai Gaidai University has produced many graduates who have fulfilled their dreams through steady effort with strong belief in their own potential. We are sure that you can find a means to achieve your goals at Kansai Gaidai University. Our Career Center gives you full support in making your dream come true.


Employment Support

How do you design your life, including the four- or two-year student life from enrollment to graduation? Our Career Center has established a student support system that not only provides academic and career guidance, but also useful advice to help students realize a better future.

Kansai Gaidai University strives to impart the practical learning and the well-rounded education required in functioning as a citizen of the world, in keeping with our founding principles, whose very purpose resides in ensuring that our students can make use of what they have learned at the University in a real-world setting. To meet individual students’ needs and help them achieve their goals, the Carrier Center offers guidance, lectures and seminars tailored to respective stages from immediately after enrollment to graduation, so as to develop students’ future career potential.


Employment Support Activities

Career Guidance

  • Career seminar: Held 28 times a year

Industry and Corporate Research

  • Corporate seminar: On-campus seminars held by about 200 companies (when deemed appropriate from February to December)
  • Lecture by top management: Lectures delivered by our University graduates, now working as company top management, about their business experience and corporate strategies
  • Aviation career guidance: Reports on job-hunting experiences by students who have received job offers, and lectures given by recruiting officers and graduates.
  • Domestic and overseas business internships: Internships at companies selected on basis of student requests
  • Helping current students obtain employment information by meeting with graduates from our University who are now employed

Preparation for Employment Examination

Preparation for Job Interviews

  • Lecture on etiquette for successful job interviews
  • Job interview preparation seminar
  • Presentation by graduates regarding their job-hunting experiences
  • Seminar by current students who received job offers
  • Provision of job-opening information through the Internet
  • One-on-one counseling sessions

Preparation for Aptitude and Written Tests

  • Introductory seminar on self-analysis
  • Lecture on entry sheet creation
  • Individual guidance on how to write resumes
  • One-on-one counseling sessions

Guidance on How to Create an Entry Sheet and Resume

  • Introductory seminar on self-analysis
  • Lecture on entry sheet creation
  • Individual guidance on how to write resumes
  • One-on-one counseling sessions

Selection of Industries and Companies You Wish to Enter

  • Use of job information available at Career Center
  • One-on-one consultation provided by Career Center staff
  • Meeting with students who have received job offers, to share their job-hunting experiences, plus one-on-one consultation with these students
  • Employment seminar by graduates

Various Practical Seminars

  • Seminar to prepare for registered customs specialist examination
  • Seminar to prepare for certified travel service supervisor examination
  • Seminar to prepare for proficiency test in trading business
  • Seminar to prepare for examinations for public service employment
  • Business manner seminar (to prepare for Secretariat Skills Test, 2nd Grade)
  • Financial planner seminar
  • Seminar to prepare for official business skill test in bookkeeping 3rd grade, certified by Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry