Interaction through Sports is Fun and Effective

On Sunday, October 13th, “YUICUP×ASUTOMO” was held on the Nakamiya campus. It is a student-organized sports festival to develop friendly relationships between local and international students and approximately 200 students participated in the event. This year, Student Assistants of the CIE office and RAs collaborated and organized the event together.

The participants were divided into 4 teams: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. This year we had four athletic games: “Three-legged Race”, “Beanbag Toss”, “Tug of War”, and “Relay Race.” It was exciting and the games were heated. In the “Three-legged Race”, local and international students were paired together and raced. In the “Beanbag Toss” game, it was a very tight match, for all the teams nearly filled the baskets “Tug of War” was a game where all the team members participated. The game was lively and encouraged communication and teamwork amongst the members. And lastly, the “Relay Race” had swift-footed boys and girls from each team doing their best while receiving cheers from the audience.

Adrien Tang, one of the international students who participated in the event commented, “I was the Green team captain. It was a really fun event where we all got together and tried our best at every game. We were very surprised and happy that our team took first place – 10 out of 10. I would definitely participate again.”