Global Cast is the online blog where you will find photos and short movies of unique cultural aspects of various the countries/hometowns of Kansai Gaidai international and local students. These postings will give you a chance to virtually visit their hometowns; getting to know their must-go-to places, recommended cuisines and their recipes, and useful phrases in different languages. Get connected to the world through Global Cast of Kansai Gaidai University. The Cultural Broadcasting Team is one of the seven teams that make up the “Intercultural Engagement Program,” which is a student-driven program under Kansai Gaidai’s new initiative beyond COVID-19. We, in the Cultural Broadcasting Team, aim to enhance intercultural exchange among students and make this virtual exchange as enjoyable as possible. To achieve this goal, we will create virtual tour videos, quizzes, and more to present various countries’ unique cultural aspects and richness.