img Feb 06,2019(Wed.) 140 YUI residents visit Ise Jingu, Soul of Japan, for an authentic Japanese experience
img Jan 25,2019(Fri.) 208 students arrive for spring semester orientation!
img Jan 20,2019(Sun.) Experience Japan at Kansai Gaidai’s Summer Program 2019 (The Information updated: Feb 04, 2019)
img Dec 19,2018(Wed.) Student Experience in GLOBAL COMMONS YUI
img Oct 03,2018(Wed.) Experience Japan Program “Cycling Arashiyama”
img Sep 27,2018(Thu.) Experience Japan Program Kicks Off
img Sep 20,2018(Thu.) 3,950 prospective high school students and their parents visited on Open Campus day!
img Sep 07,2018(Fri.) The Opening Ceremony of the Asian Studies Program was held to celebrate the beginning of the new semester
img Aug 24,2018(Fri.) 56 international students participated in Kansai Gaidai’s Internship Program in 2018
img Jun 28,2018(Thu.) The Asian Studies Program Summer Program started
img Jun 11,2018(Mon.) Dedication Ceremony for Gotenyama Campus Global Town
img May 28,2018(Mon.) Asian Studies Program hosted an international seminar on“Global Culture and Social Sympathy”
img May 28,2018(Mon.) 306 international students completed the Asian Studies Program
img Apr 11,2018(Wed.) Kansai Gaidai’s new campus, the Gotenyama Campus Global Town, opened on April 1, 2018
img Feb 03,2018(Sat.) Welcome to the Manga Drawing Class!
img Dec 06,2017(Wed.) Experience Japan at Kansai Gaidai’s Summer Program 2018
img Dec 04,2017(Mon.) Interaction through Sports is Fun and Effective
img Dec 02,2017(Sat.) Orientation Schedule for the 2018 Spring Semester
img Sep 15,2017(Fri.) Asian Studies Program Fall Semester begins with 306 students from 33 countries and regions
img Aug 17,2017(Thu.) Kansai Gaidai Internship Program reached a record high of 51 interns.