The College of Global Engagement offers a unique opportunity for international students to transfer to a Japanese university as a 3rd year student and obtain a B.A. degree in two years by taking courses all taught in English. Courses are offered in three academic disciplines: Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business/Economics. This multi-disciplinary perspective will give students a broader understanding of how all of these disciplines work together to address global issues.

The academic program has been developed on the basis of Kansai Gaidai’s long history of providing international students with study opportunities to learn about Japan and Asia. Japanese language courses are available at all levels to those who wish to improve their Japanese language proficiency. Curricular and non-curricular programs include team-based projects and activities with local students, as well as students from all over the world. The College of Global Engagement provides an excellent opportunity to expand your horizon through studying and living in Japan and further developing your credentials as a global thinker and leader.

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar of the College of Global Engagement is unique in that although the first semester for local 1st year students begins in April (the typical starting time of the Japanese academic calendar), the semesters thereafter follow the typical western calendar:

Academic Calendar

Spring Semester Fall Semester
1st year April-early August Late August - December
2nd year Early February – Late May Late August - December
3rd year Early February – Late May Late August - December
4th year Early February – Late May Late August - December

International transfer students will be accepted for the Spring and Fall semester of the third year.

Course Offerings

Category Course # Course Title
Humanities HMLT1411 Survey in Literature I
HMHI1511 History of Asia I
HMTC1611 Topics in ArtⅠ
HMLT2412 Survey in Literature II
HMTC2621 Art Across Cultures
HMTC2631 Intercultural Communication
HMLT3421 Topics in Literature
HMLT3422 Japanese Literature
HMHI3512 History of Asia Ⅱ
HMHI3521 Topics in History
HMTC3612 Topics in Art Ⅱ
HMTC3641 Media and Culture A
HMTC3651 Media and Culture B
HMTC3661 Religion and Philosophy
HMTC3671 Seminar in Philosophy
HMTC3681 Seminar in Religion
HMJP1011 Japanese
HMJP1021 Japanese Reading & Writing
Social Sciences SSPS1411 Survey in International Politics
SSCA1511 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
SSSO1611 Survey in Sociology
SSPS2421 Foreign Policy
SSPS2412 International Politics
SSSO2621 Global Service Learning
SSPS2431 Comparative Politics I
SSSO3621 Global Diplomacy and Asia
SSPS3421 History of International Politics
SSCA3512 Cultural Anthropology
SSSO3612 Topics in Sociology
SSPS3432 Comparative Politics II
SSSO3631 Globalization and Identity
SSSO3641 International Organizations
SSSO3651 Sustainable Development A
SSSO3661 Sustainable Development B
SSSO3671 Comparative Cultures
Business & Economics BEBA1411 Introduction to Marketing
BEEC1511 Introduction to Microeconomics
BEEC1512 Introduction to Macroeconomics
BEBA2421 Principles of Business
BEEC2521 Global Economics
BEEC2531 Economic Development Ⅰ
BEBA3431 Global Marketing
BEEC3532 Economic Development Ⅱ
BEBA3441 Global Management
BEBA3451 Topics in Management
BEBA3461 International Business
BEBA3471 Topics in Japanese Business
BEBA3481 International Negotiation
BEBA3491 Global Leadership
Capstone DECC4311 Capstone A
DECC4321 Capstone B
DECC4331 Capstone C
Experiential Learning ELSC1411 Global Internship A
ELSC1412 Global Internship B
ELSC1413 Global Internship C
ELSC1414 Global Internship D
ELSC1511 Community Engagement A
ELSC1512 Community Engagement B
ELSC1513 Community Engagement C
ELSC1514 Community Engagement D
ELSC1611 Global Service Learning A
ELSC1612 Global Service Learning B
ELSC1613 Global Service Learning C
ELSC1614 Global Service Learning D

Brief course descriptions are available here.


Austin, HeatherAssistant Professor (English for local students)

M.A., University of Massachusetts Boston (Applied Linguistics); B.S., University of Central Florida (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Bailey, Scott C MAssociate Professor (History)

Ph.D., University of Hawaii at Manoa (History); M.A., Murray State University (History); B.A., East Tennessee State University (History)

Bohaker, Linda A.Professor (Business/Management and Japanese History)

M.A., Washington University in St. Louis (East Asian Studies); MALD, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University (International Business, International Trade and Commerce, Japanese Business and Society); B.A., Principia College (Business Administration, Political Science)

Compton, TravisAssistant Professor (English for local students)

M.A., University of Leicester (Applied Linguistics and TESOL); B.A., York University (Business and Society)

Goncalves, JeffreyAssistant Professor (English for local students)

M.A., La Salle University (TESOL); B.A., Temple University (Political Science and Economics)

Hasegawa, ToruProfessor (Economics)

Ph.D., University of Tokyo (Economics); M.A., University of Tokyo (Economics); B.A., University of Tokyo (Economics)

Iqball, ArifProfessor (Management)

M.A., University of Michigan (Asian Studies); M.B.A., University of Michigan; M.M.E., Northwestern University (Manufacturing Engineering); B.S., Clemson University (Mechanical Engineering)

Kim, Seung-youngProfessor (International Relations)

Ph.D., The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University (International Relations); M.I.A., Columbia University (International Affairs); B.A., Seoul National University (French Education)

Kuo, AliceAssistant Professor (English for local students)

M.A.T., University of Washington (ESOL); B.A., University of Toronto (English)

Kurasawa, IkukoAssistant Professor (Japanese)

M.A., J. F. Oberlin University (International Studies); B.A., J. F. Oberlin University (International Studies)

Lee, HyunjungProfessor (Literature)

Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin (Comparative Literature); M.A., New York University (Humanities and Social Thought); B.A., Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (English)

Lind, ScottAssociate Professor (Intercultural Communication)

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (Speech Communication); M.A., Texas Tech University (Communication Studies); B.A., Stephen F. Austin State University (Communication)

Momoldaeva, TatianaAssistant Professor (English for local students)

M.A., Kalmyk State University (Philology); B.A., Kalmyk State University (Philology)

Oh, IngyuProfessor (Business, Popular Culture)

Ph.D., University of Oregon (Sociology); M.A., Ohio State University (Political Science); B.A., Roosevelt University (English; Political Science)

Shultz, John A.Associate Professor (Japanese Religion)

Ph.D., University of Manchester (Japanese Studies); M.A., University of Hawaii, Manoa (Asian Religion); B.A., Xavier University (Philosophy)

Thépaut, SabineProfessor (English for local students)

M.A., University of North Texas (TESOL); B.A., University de François Rabelais in Tours, France (International Communication)

Yonemura, AkemiProfessor (International Organization)

Ed.D., Teachers college, Columbia University (Education); M.Ed., Teachers college, Columbia University (Education); M.I.I.M., School for International Training (Intercultural Service, Leadership & Management); M.A., Kansai Gaidai University (English Linguistics); B.A., Kansai Gaidai University (English); A.A., Kansai Gaidai College (English)