Gotenyama Campus Project Launched

In 2015 in celebration of the 70th anniversary of its founding, Kansai Gaidai University has launched a new project: the relocation of its Gakkentoshi campus to a new location in Gotenyama, which is only a few blocks away from its Nakamiya Campus. The Gotemyama campus (tentative name) is scheduled for completion in 2018.

In addition to relocation of the College of Global Communication and Language (accounting for about 3000 people) to the new campus, there will be an International Seminar House that will house about 700 international and Japanese (local) students, aiming to cultivate a multicultural learning environment. This project clearly demonstrates what characterizes Kansai Gaidai University, since students will be studying and living together in a multicultural setting.

[College of Global Communication and Language] 
Established in April 2014, the department aims to cultivate students’ abilities by providing them with practical language skills in English and Chinese and international capabilities (cross-cultural comprehension, international understanding, and basic global and career skills). The curriculum focuses on language acquisition during the first year, which will serve as a foundation for students when they study abroad during their second year. All students are scheduled to study abroad in English speaking countries and Chinese speaking countries for one semester respectively.

[International Seminar House] 
This is one of the facilities to be established in order to foster students’ international skills. By living together with students from abroad, students will have ample opportunities to experience different cultures and perspectives. Along with the curriculum mentioned above, these experiences will efficiently prepare students for their future careers in an international setting. This new residence program will provide students with opportunities to further strengthen their cross-cultural comprehension, problem-solving abilities, confidence in self-management, and teamwork skills.