Report on Coronavirus

We hereby inform you that a student of our university has tested positive for the novel coronavirus on April 4, 2020.

1. The student
The student is a female in her 20s who lives in Osaka City and has no history of overseas travel.

2. The student’s movements and diagnosis
March 12:  The student had a fever and visited a hospital. The result of an influenza test was negative. After receiving an intravenous drip and medication, she returned home. 
March 23:  She visited the University (Nakamiya campus), where a staff member attended to her over the counter.
April 3:  She called for an ambulance and was taken to a hospital. There she was diagnosed with pneumonia.
April 4:  A PCR test for novel coronavirus produced a positive result, and she was admitted to the hospital.

The student did not visit the campus other than on March 23, and has not been in physical contact with persons of the University since then. Since there has been no case of transmission of the novel coronavirus among University students, faculty or staff for more than 14 days, the standard quarantine period, the Hirakata City Public Health Center has notified the University that there is no need for us to take any special measures with regard to this case.

3. Follow-up response
The University will disinfect the campus facilities where the student visited. Furthermore, the University Novel Coronavirus Emergency Response Committee is closely monitoring this matter. While continuing to cooperate with Osaka City authorities and public health centers in our area, we will maintain our strenuous efforts to protect the health and safety of the University community, and do our best to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.