Korean Culture in Japan


JAPAN Oct. 09. 2020

Cultural Broadcasting Team

Korean culture in Japan is popular especially among young people.

There are two famous Koreatowns, 鶴橋Tsuruhashi, located in Osaka, and 新大久保Shin-Okubo in Tokyo. You can experience Korea without purchasing a plane ticket.


Tsuruhashi: JR Tsuruhashi Station on the JR Osaka Loop Line (Kanjo-sen)

Shin-OkuboShin Okubo Station (JR Yamanote Line) or Okubo Station (JR Chuo Line)


In the Koreatowns, there are cafes, markets, stores and other places selling anything you may need, ranging from instant noodles to bridal gowns.
People enjoy K-pop music and delicious Korean foods when they visit Koreatown.

It’s a food paradise!

Snacking while you are there is absolutely a must!!

These are must-go places, especially for Korea lovers!!


Moreover, Korean YouTubers have recently become popular in Japan for Mukbang モッパン (eat + broadcasts).

Mukbang is one of the popular genres on YouTube where they broadcast of themselves eating food.
Since their videos, especialy the way they eat, look so delicious, Japanese influencers have also started trying Korean foods with Mukbang style on YouTube channels.

Because of this influence, even ordinary supermarkets in Japan now offer a variety of Korean foods.

Thanks to this, it’s getting easier for Japanese to get Korean meals and we are becoming very familiar with Korean culture.
Go to YouTube and search for Mukbang, and you can enjoy the videos!!


Korean culture among the young generation is booming in Japan!


JAPAN Oct. 09. 2020

Cultural Broadcasting Team