Texas Slang/Sayings by a Local Texan


U.S.A. Feb. 10. 2021

Cultural Broadcasting Team

There are so many slang words and sayings in Texas that I can not physically cover them all.

So, I thought I would give y'all the basic vocabulary words that are used in Texas.


Texas slang

1. So the most common Texan vocabulary word is "y'all." 


It has 100 different ways to use it in a sentence. It was derived from the forms "you all," but Texans simplified it to "y'all." 

The most common phrases are: "Hi y'all," "How y'all doing?" or "what are y'all up to?"

It can also refer to a single person. For example, "Hi y'all" can be spoken to a single person instead of a group. 

If it is a large enough group, then Texans will say, "All y'all. "For example, "All y'all need to study to get a good grade."


In an ominous Texan voice, another way to use it is, "Y'all better behave yourself!"

The fear of a loud Texas mother will make anyone quake in their boots.


2. The second most popular phrase is "ain't."

In southern hospitality, it replaces the phrase, "is not." Instead of saying, "that is not right," any Texan would say, "that ain't right." 

This phrase mainly deals with negative connotations.


3. The third most popular phrase is Howdy.

In southern hospitality, it replaces the word "Hi. "Although not very common due to people using "Howdy" to stereotype Texans. It is still used today, mostly used with the phrase, "Howdy partner." In Texas, the meaning behind the word "partner" is similar to a friend. 


4. The fourth most popular phrase is "Honey Bunches" or "Honey."


It is used when a Texan is annoyed with your attitude or if they like or care for you.
It can also be used by waiters or waitresses asking as a politeness form at the end of your sentence, similar to "madam."


I use this phrase a lot.
Also, mostly older southern women use this phrase when talking to younger girls.


The term "Honey" is used mainly when you're mad or irritated at another girl. It has to be used with a bunch of sass. For example, "Oh Honey, you know better' than that!"


5. The fifth phrase y'all need to be familiar with is "Neighbor."


We use the phrase neighbor many sorts of ways. It is mainly used as a greeting like "Hi neighbor!" I have personally never heard it used negatively. 

The basic gist is that everyone should be treated as your neighbor, so technically, a neighbor can mean anyone. For example, a store owner can ask, "If you need anything, neighbor?" 


6. The sixth phrase: "You are a hoot!"

It means basically that you are hilarious in a positive connotation. Friends say it among friends. Many people say it to whom they feel close to or connected with. It means they like your personality.


7. The Final phrase I wish to teach you is: "This ain't my first rodeo." 

This saying means that this person has experience in the matter. It also has to deal with a person defending their expertise. For example, two Texans are arguing at a bar about the rules of a particular game of cards. The first Texan gets angrier at the other and eventually says, "This ain't my first rodeo!"
 - This implies that the Texan either

- He/ She knows what he is doing and has things handled

- They should not be questioned any longer

If you wish to discover any more texas sayings, I would highly recommend searching for texas sayings using YouTube.


U.S.A. Feb. 10. 2021

Cultural Broadcasting Team