Information for Admitted Students

This section provides the basic information regarding the procedures that admitted students must complete to officially enroll at the College of Global Engagement (CGE). More detailed explanations will be sent to each student via e-mail. Please note that the failure to complete all required procedures within the specified time periods may result in a cancellation of admission to the CGE.

1.Additional documents to be submitted:

Items Forms for download Submission Deadline
a) Pledge/Agreement Form pdf 12/20
b) Confidential Financial Questionnaire pdf 12/20
c) Medical Information Form pdf 12/20
d) Japanese Instructor’s Reference Form pdf 12/20
e) Copy of Passport 12/20
f) Arrival Information Form pdf TBD

Explanations of the documents:

  • Pledge/Agreement Form
    Please read the Pledge/Agreement therein, and return it with your signature to confirm your acceptance of admission.
  • Confidential Financial Questionnaire
    This document will also be submitted to the Ministry of Justice as part of your application for your COE. Please follow the instructions provided on the form.
  • Medical Information Form
    This document must be completed by a physician.
  • Japanese Instructor’s Reference Form
    If you intend to take a Japanese language course in the first semester and have taken or are currently taking a Japanese language course, please ask one of your teachers to complete the form. The information will be used to make course arrangements, and you will also be asked to take a placement test upon arrival.
  • Copy of Passprt
  • Arrival Information Form
    This form must be submitted especially if you wish to use our pick-up service at the airport.

2.Complete Payments

Instructions on payments will be provided in our admission message.

3.Apply for a student visa

Upon receipt of your COE, you need to apply for a student visa at a Japanese Consulate. The COE itself is NOT a visa (i.e., entry permit).

4.Make travel arrangements

The designated arrival dates for the Spring semester of 2024 are: January 29-30 (Mon-Tue)
Please follow the instructions provided on the form.

5.Other important information:

Housing: Unless requested otherwise, you will be assigned to reside in our international student dormitory, GLOBAL COMMONS -YUI-. For more information on YUI, please visit:
Please contact us if you opt for other housing.

Course Registration: Information on course registration and academic requirements will be sent to you in December, 2023. If you need any academic related information before December, please contact us.

Insurance Requirements: You will be required to join the National Health Insurance upon arrival. It normally covers 70% of medical costs. Since the remaining 30% could be expensive in case of a serious accident/illness, we strongly recommend that you bring your own insurance from home.
Personal Accident insurance is required for all students, and thus the fee is included in your payment to Kansai Gaidai.

Orientation for new students: All students are required to participate in the orientation sessions scheduled on January 31 (Wed), February 1 (Thu), February 2 (Fri) 2024. The first day of classes is scheduled on Monday, February 5 2024.