Student Experience in GLOBAL COMMONS YUI

Ms. AGUILAR Y MAYA REYES, Maria Fernanda came to Kansai Gaidai as an exchange student from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico in September 2018. She studied in the Asian Studies Program for one-semester. She chose to stay in the GLOBAL COMMONS YUI, a newly opened residence hall at Gotenyama Campus Global Town. The GLOBAL COMMONS YUI is not just a residence hall, but it is the place where students from all over the world live and interact together with local students.

She chose to study here because “I wanted to experience a life very different from my own, and Japan seemed like the perfect place to do so. I also wanted to learn more about Japanese culture and make friends with Japanese students.” said Ms. Fernanda.
Through living in the GLOBAL COMMONS YUI, she said “I never imagined having so many Japanese girls I can now call friends. I love my fellow students in my Unit, and feel it’s almost like one big family.  We even celebrated Thanksgiving together.”  She continued “I feel that I have a much better understanding as to how people from all over the world can live together. Living here and being surrounded by people from different cultures has made me more interested in learning new languages and traveling to other places in the world.”

“I am pleased to speak on behalf of everyone in this facility who appreciates having the opportunity to learn and grow together in this splendid multi-cultural environment.”  With anticipation of our international students’ positive contributions to global society, the 2018 fall semester concluded.