300 YUI residents visit Nagoya on a day tour

Resident Assistants in the GLOBAL COMMONS YUI organized a visit to Nagoya on September 23rd. The site is a two-hour and half bus ride away from the campus.

300 international and local YUI residents participated in this field work visiting the famous Japanese castle, Nagoya-jo (Nagoya Castle), the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, and Meiji Mura, an open-air museum. The tour planners, Ms. Fuu Shimaoka, Ms. Maki Komoto, and Mr. Atsuki Maehara, RAs of GLOBAL COMMONS YUI, said in their comments, “We saw participants smiling and enjoying this trip!” and “A day trip like this is a very effective way of getting to know each other and making friends in the beginning of the semester!”