100 YUI residents visited Osaka/Kyoto on a day tour

Resident Assistants of the GLOBAL COMMONS YUI organized tours for their residents on November 24th. The international students and local students were divided into two groups, Osaka and Kyoto teams.  

The theme this time was “one-day school trip.”  The resident assistants, Ms. Maki Komoto, a 2nd year student in the College of Foreign Studies and Mr. Atsuki Maehara, a 2nd year student in the College of English Professional Development, were among the tour organizers.  They said, “We want international students to feel and experience Japan, so we decided to organize the tour to be like a typical “school trip” offered at many Japanese schools.  It is an opportunity to visit places and learn about Japanese history and culture.” 

The Osaka group visited Mino Park and enjoyed the autumn tinted waterfall known as one of Japan's Top 100 Waterfalls. The next site visited was Expo’70 Commemorative Park where they had a fun time with bonsai plants in the Japanese garden. Lastly, in the Cupnoodles Museum, they had opportunities to view the exhibit of Momofuku Ando who invented the world's first instant noodle, and made their original instant noodles and cup packages.

The Kyoto group visited the Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum and the “Yatuhasian Sisyuyakata” where students could experience Yatsuhashi sweet making. To finish up the trip, they had an Obanzai (traditional home cooking of Kyoto) in Arashiyama.  Ms. Teresa Mueller from Bamberg University in Germany commented, “The day trip to Kyoto was the first YUI field tour I joined and was one of the best experiences I’ve had in Japan so far!” She continued, “It was an amazing trip full of delicious food. I got to experience Japanese culture and traditions first-hand.”

One of the tour organizers, Ms. Komoto, further commented, “Although it was hard to organize the whole trip from zero, I was happy to take the opportunity. This field tour taught me not only about Japanese culture but also about the importance of building a plan. I would like to utilize what I learned in study abroad next year.” 

RAs are posting more pictures on Instagram.  Visit the following site to learn more about life at GLOBAL COMMONS YUI!