【Urgent Notice】Further Postponement of the Start of Classes for Academic Year 2020 and Possible Move

We hereby announce that the date of the planned start of classes for the academic year 2020 has been further extended to Monday, 25 May. Since our first announcement of postponement of the start of classes, issued on 12 March, we have not seen a decline in the incidence of novel coronavirus infections, and cannot expect the situation to be resolved during April. Given this circumstance, we were compelled to make this decision. In playing our role to help prevent infection and further spread of the virus, we would like to ask for your kind cooperation and understanding regarding this very difficult decision.

With regards to guidance and orientation activities, we have also decided not to undertake physical meetings on campus, but to administer guidance and other orientation activities online. We will be providing you with updated information regarding the start of our online programs with mobile environment via our website, so please check our website again soon for the latest information.

Given the present situation, we may move to online courses to the greatest extent possible instead of face-to-face classes. We ask you to kindly prepare for online classes, including confirmation of your computer setup (PC, tablet, etc.) and network environment. While asking you to prepare for online classes, we are also preparing online computer facilities to enable access for those who may not be fully prepared for online classes when they start.