Academic Highlights

The special feature of the program is to provide international students with a means of exploring Japan and Asian studies through classroom instruction and interaction with local people. Japanese language courses offered from introductory to advanced levels, and thus previous Japanese language is not required. A wide variety of offerings relevant to Japan and Asia, taught by experienced faculty members in English, will provide new perspectives for participants and inspire their intellectual growth.

Japanese language courses

Japanese language courses offered from beginning to advanced levels make it possible to accommodate students at any level.
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Elective courses

Elective courses cover a wide range of areas so that students are able to develop deeper insight into their areas of interest. More than 60 courses, all taught in English, are available.
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Studio art courses

Studio art courses such as Manga Drawing, Koto (Japanese Harp) and Ceramics add unique and hands on study opportunities.
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field trips

Some courses are supplemented by field trips, which can be done only at the study abroad site. What is taught in classrooms can be put into real context by visiting significant sites and interacting with local people.
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Given our primary framework of meeting upper-level undergraduate requirements, students must have at least one year (preferably two years) of college level instruction prior to coming to Kansai Gaidai so as to fully benefit from our Course Offerings and to maintain our high academic standards. Due to this policy, there has been very little difficulty in Credit Transfer from Kansai Gaidai to the participants' home institutions.