Four courses, including mandatory Japanese, are the minimum required semester load (14 semester credits) for recognition as a full-time student. A student may register for a maximum of six courses (20 semester credits). All students must register for mandatory Japanese.


The mandatory Japanese language courses consist of three 90-minute periods each week, supplemented by laboratory and homework assignments. Japanese Kanji and Readings courses meet two times each week, 90-minute per session. All other courses are conducted in two 90-minute per week, supplemented by extra contact hours in the form of field trips, research assignments, etc.


Students must register for courses during the orientation period at the beginning of each semester, upon completing the necessary payments to Kansai Gaidai. Please carefully note that our program does not accept any preregistration. Students may add, change, and/or drop courses during the respective designated periods set for the said semester.


An independent study may be arranged for a student in his/her second semester if the student's educational objectives cannot be achieved through our regular course offerings, or if the student wishes to pursue more in-depth studies in a given area.

To apply for an independent study, a student must complete the first semester of residence at Kansai Gaidai satisfactorily, and an application including the objective and outline of proposed study must be submitted to and approved by the faculty members and the Bekka Academic Affairs Committee.


The Asian Studies Program uses a 4.0 scale as its grading system, and academic results are indicated by the letter grades as follows:


A : Highest Level of Attainment
B : High Level of Attainment
C : Adequate Level of Attainment
D : Minimal Passing Level
F : Failed; Unacceptable Performance


A+ (4.0) A (4.0) A- (3.7)
B+ (3.3) B (3.0) B- (2.7)
C+ (2.3) C (2.0) C- (1.7)
D+ (1.3) D (1.0) D- (0.7)
F (0.0)        

The "pass/fail," or "credit/non-credit," "withdraw/passing" are not used at Kansai Gaidai as a grading scale.


A transcript of academic performance will automatically be sent to each participant's home institution within a month after the completion of a given semester. At the student's request, additional copies will be sent to institutions requested for a fee.

Those who participated in the Asian Studies Program and wish to receive copies of transcript, click here.


Students whose work in courses is not up to standards will receive an "Academic Warning". An Academic Warning means that the student will be receiving a grade lower than "C" unless significant improvement is shown before the end of the term.


Regardless of the intended period of stay at Kansai Gaidai, all participants in our Asian Studies Program are initially admitted for one semester only. During the first semester of residence, each student who wishes to continue his/her studies into the second semester must apply for extension of stay. Said students must be in good academic standing at the completion of their first semester of residence. A 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale with no failing grade is the minimum requirement for extension of stay into the second semester.