Official Transcripts

One copy of the official transcript is automatically mailed to student's home institutions approximately four weeks after the end of each semester. For additional copies, please follow the instructions below.

All requests for official transcripts must be made in writing. The requests can be made in person at the Registrar's Office or by sending the "Transcript Request Form" together with the necessary fees.

No transcript will be released until all the outstanding obligations to Kansai Gaidai are met, including the receipt of the fees for transcript requests.

Please follow the procedure below:

  1. Download a Transcript Request Form. Complete the form, print and sign it.
  2. Fees
    Issuance US$5.00 or JPY500 including mailing charge
    Special Delivery Overseas additional US$15.00 or JPY1,500 per addressee
    Within Japan additional US$3.00 or JPY300 per addressee
  3. Payment methods
    • Credit Card (Visa/Master Card): Information will be sent to you via e-mail upon receipt of the request form
    • INTERNATIONALPostal Money Order/Check (Enclosed, Payable to Kansai Gaidai University)
  4. Requests are normally processed within 3 days after the receipt of the request and the necessary fees. Note that the requests should be made enclosing the fees and mailing overseas takes approximately one-two weeks after posting. Please be sure to include the time for posting when you make a request.
  5. Requests with the necessary fees should be mailed to:
    Registrar's Office
    Kansai Gaidai University
    16-1 Nakamiyahigashino-cho,
    Hirakata City, Osaka 573-1001

If you wish to send your request via e-mail attachments (only for credit card payment), please send them to

Unofficial Transcripts

Approximately two weeks after the semester ends, grades for all international students enrolled in the Asian Studies Program will be released on K-GENESYS. Students with outstanding obligations to Kansai Gaidai will not be able to access their grades.

For students who terminate their stay at the end of the semester, since the K-GENESYS accounts will be removed two months after the semester ends, students are required to check their grades before their account expires.