The Experience Japan Program has been launched to generate more opportunities for both international and Japanese students to meet and deepen their friendships by introducing international students a variety of aspects of Japanese culture. All activities are designed by Kansai Gaidai local students and publicized to international students by means of handmade posters. International students pick the activities they wish to explore by viewing the posters such as the following:

Activities in this program are roughly divided into the following four major categories:

  1. Day Trips
  2. Cooking
  3. Sports
  4. Cultural Activities

To name a few, the activities conducted thus far are:

  • Day Trips to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Aquarium, Universal Studios Japan
  • Cooking Japanese Food (Sushi, Sukiyaki, Okonomiyaki)
  • Playing Basketball
  • Learning Calligraphy
  • Wearing Kimono
  • Dancing Bonodori (Japanese traditional dance)
  • Making and Flying Kites
  • Making Japanese Paper, Washi
  • Visiting Toei Samurai movie sets
    International students are also welcome to organize activities along with Kansai Gaidai students.
    We look forward to your unique ideas!

Experience Japan Program

Speaking Partner Program