All the students accepted in our program must apply for student visas in their home countries. To do so, it is necessary to obtain certificates of eligibility, which will enable them to obtain student visas.

Please note that because the Certificate of Eligibility is valid for only three months from the date of issuance and that it becomes invalid if the landing application is not filed within that period, we are not able to apply for it very far in advance. Thus you should expect to receive your Certificate of Eligibility within the two-month period before the beginning of the semester.

Progress on immigration procedures can be retrieved from GAIDAI-LINK.

Immigration Procedures

Kansai Gaidai will make an application for a certificate of eligibility as soon as the following documents are received:

  1. A copy of your passport. The information must include: your name, photo, passport number, date of issue, visa(s) granted for any previous trips to Japan.
  2. Financial Statement (Waived for students from our affiliated institutions)
    Official documents verifying the amount of funds you specified in your Confidential Financial Questionnaire must be submitted.
    You may send us a combination of following documents to constitute the full amount:
    • Recent Bank Statements showing the most recent balance
      A bank statement not under your name must be accompanied by a Financial Guarantee Form completed by the person who holds the funds as well as a legal document verifying the relationship between you and the fund holder (e.g. copy of birth certificate, if the person is your parent.)
    • A copy of your loan application
    • A copy of your scholarship application or approved letter.

Upon receipt of the above documents, we will apply to the Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau, for the Certificate of Eligibility on your behalf. Please note that it normally takes one to two months for the Immigration Bureau to issue the Certificate.

When we receive the Certificate of Eligibility from the Immigration Bureau, we will then immediately forward it to your registered e-mail address with Kansai Gaidai.

You should then take it to the Japanese Consulate nearest your home or university to begin visa application procedures.