56 international students intern with KGIP in 2019

Jan 30, 2019 (Wed.)

In 2019, 56 international students participated in the Kansai Gaidai Internship Program (KGIP) and interned at 22 business firms, 14 local schools, and 3 organizations. As the KGIP goes into its 5th year, the number of participants is steadily increasing due to growing interest among international students as well as host companies/organizations.

Mr. Nikolai Veresinin from University of Leeds did an internship with Nippon Express Co., Ltd. He was shown and tasked with a variety of different jobs, each pertaining to a different branch of the company’s many services. “These experiences necessitated pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and were challenging at times. Interacting almost exclusively in Japanese, and overcoming both linguistic and cultural barriers, stretched the limits of my spoken skills.” commented Nikolai. “This cultural and professional exchange can’t be gained elsewhere. Firsthand exposure to the Japanese business world, its innermost workings, and the personal lessons gained from each employee I met are truly valuable.”

The KGIP gives students the opportunity to test their knowledge and abilities in real life situations and expand their network beyond the university campus.