YUI Residents Enjoyed the Fieldwork to Ise

Feb 07, 2020 (Fri.)

On February 2, 2020, 200 international and local students visited a famous Japanese shrine, Ise Jingu (Shrine), one of the most renowned shrines for its history and sacredness. Located in Ise City in Mie prefecture, it is a three-hour bus ride from the campus. Resident Assistants of the GLOBAL COMMONS YUI organized this field work to provide an opportunity for YUI residents to get to know each other through the day long trip.

At Ise Jingu they first visited the Inner Shrine (Naiku), the main sacred site, a beautiful wooden structure. Then they explored Okageyokocho near the Inner Shrine (Naiku) zone. Authentic Japanese town scenery, including historic Japanese architecture, is well preserved in this area. Some students enjoyed Ise-Udon (Japanese thick wheat flour noodles) for lunch.
The next point of the visit was Ise Meotoiwa (Wedded Rocks). Students enjoyed taking photos in front of the Wedded Rocks. One of the participants commented, “It was a wonderful experience to learn about Japanese culture, and we were able to get to know each other through this short trip.”

“It was the first time for me to organize a trip like this as a Resident Assistant, but I got a lot of advice from senior RAs. I am very glad that the trip turned out to be a great success,” commented Ms. Hikari Shuto, who continued, “It was worth all the effort as we saw many smiling faces of international students.”