The Writing Center has opened.

Sep 28, 2012 (Fri.)

One of the best things about a university with a large international program like Kansai Gaidai is a variety of opportunities for students to learn from each other.

With this in mind, Kansai Gaidai has just launched a Writing Center where local Japanese students will get help and advice on their academic writing in English from tutors recruited from among the international students.

For the international students this is a welcome chance to gain a source of additional funding for their living expenses while supporting the Japanese students, and the Japanese students are delighted to get assistance from native speakers.

Mary Hillis, the professor in charge of the Writing Center, describes her vision for and the function of the Writing Center: "Teachers will be able to refer students to the Writing Center to receive additional instructions in specific areas, such as organization, development, and grammar. When students come for tutoring sessions, they will work one-on-one or in small groups with a tutor. Through this process, we hope that local and international students will cooperate to enhance the academic environment at Kansai Gaidai."

Applying to become a tutor at the Writing Center was more popular than expected and it was not an easy task to select the best candidates for the job, but the popularity of the writing center shows that the international students are more than willing to help maximize the potential of an international university.

The Writing Center is located in the brand new International Communication Center. Our trained tutors are looking forward to assisting new students.