IEP| Job Hunting 101 ~How to Introduce Oneself~

Mar 05, 2021 (Fri.)

On February 13, 2021, the first “Job Hunting 101” event was hosted by the Project & Outreach team, and a total of 16 local and international students joined. The event this time was to learn how to introduce oneself, which is necessary for job hunting, and students learned how they can effectively explain themselves in English. Later, they practiced introducing their strengths and academic accomplishments in groups and then in front of all participants at the end of the event.

Ms. Remi Yamashita, a first-year student in the School of International Professional Development, said that the group practices helped her develop confidence in explaining herself to other students. More Job Hunting 101 events are going to be held to introduce practical tips for job hunting, such as how to write cover letters and resumes. Please feel free to join in these events to prepare for your future career.

More exciting events are being planned by the Intercultural Engagement Program.
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