Field Trip to Peace Osaka

Oct 24, 2012 (Wed.)

Kansai Gaidai wants its students to enjoy Japan to the fullest and learn about Japan’s long history and rich culture as well. One of the fieldtrips to enrich the Japanese experience for international students is the trip to The Osaka International Peace Center, a museum devoted to not only the destruction of Osaka during the Second World War, but also Japan’s 14 year war.

“When a country wins a war, it guilds war museums, but when a country loses it constructs peace museums”. At least that is what often happens according to Dr. Scott, the professor that organized this wonderful field trip.

The outside of the museum has a futuristic design, but the inside of the museum will take you to the horrific darkness of war. The exposition is arranged in a clever way, so that visitors will behold every aspect of the war that has made a deep impact on the Japanese people and of course the rest of the world.

The first part of the exposition will leave an impression on all visitors. On one of the many interactive screens you can learn about how the war started and what the motives were. Also life-sized replicas of the actual bombs are being displayed.

Further inside the museum there are be displays on World War II in other places in the world, such as Korea, China, America and a section devoted to the Holocaust.

Even though the peace museum in Osaka is smaller compared to the one in Hiroshima, it will give a clear image of the tragedies that occurred. The location of the museum makes it easy to walk to many interesting places afterwards, like Osaka Castle and the many shopping malls in Kyobashi.