Summer Online Program PR VIDEO now available

Apr 01, 2022 (Fri.)

Kansai Gaidai University designed our intensive summer program to boost your knowledge and experience in a way that will differentiate you from all others. At the end of the summer program, you will have mastered necessary business and cultural Japanese practices. But what makes the program so special is the tailored instructional style that the experienced teachers will create for you. They will share scientific proven facts, their own experiences, and tailor the lectures accordingly to provide an introduction about Japanese language and culture. The intensive program of 3-6 weeks provides you with the opportunity to take a first step to become a real professional in Japan.

2022 Summer Online -Overview-

The summer program creates an exciting and valuable intercultural learning environment. You will feel as if you were physically in Japan. Meet our experienced teachers and get to know the exciting summer program subjects. Are you ready to take the first step to become a young professional with valuable knowledge about Japan through our summer intensive program?

2022 Summer Online -Japanese Language-
Japanese Language

Have you always dreamt of doing business in Japan? Having a deep and strong business relationship that gives you a strong advantage? Discover the Kansai Gaidai summer intensive program and learn about what aspects of the summer program will help you deepen your knowledge of Japan.

2022 Summer Online -Japanese Culture-
Japanese Culture

Get to know the thoughts about Japanese culture from one of our experienced teachers. Discover from the professor her perspective on the most remarkable and special traits of Japan and learn from her what makes Japan the special country that it is.