Halloween Festival 2012: Greatest Success in History

Nov 05, 2012 (Mon.)

31 October Halloween is celebrated throughout many countries in the world. Of course, this wonderful day also deserved to be celebrated within the international environment of Kansai Gaidai.

The day started with a children’s parade that was organized for the first time this year. When the elementary school children arrived at Kansai Gaidai they learned how to say some English phrases like ‘Happy Halloween’ and ‘Where are you from?’ so that they could enjoy speaking to the international students who were giving candy to the cute kids marching in the parade.

On that day students could wear any costume of choice and many of the students did their utmost best in selecting fitting costumes that would leave spectators and other participants in awe. Everyone wearing a costume was invited to join the big contest at the circle stage and sign up for one of the 4 categories: ‘Character’, ‘Sexy’, ‘Horror’ and ‘Group’. Many did so and the day proceeded with a lot of Kansai Gaidai local and international students happily taking pictures of each other’s costumes that most definitely deserved to be photographed.

The grand finale of the day was the contest where signed up students could show their costumes and hold a small performance to impress the jury and the audience. The area around the circle stage was packed with spectators eagerly watching the contest and making movies and pictures to make sure that they would remember this amazing day.

The winner in the category Character was Onoue-san dressed as ‘lettuce man’. Minami-san won the award in the category Sexy with her Jasmine outfit straight from Aladdin, and Martin won in Horror with his Two-Face zombie outfit.

This year’s Halloween was the most successful in the history of Kansai Gaidai and a word of appreciation goes to the staff organizing this event and the participants who made the day the great success it turned out to be.