Hirakata Food Poll and its result

Apr 06, 2023 (Thu.)

Hirakata Food Poll

Mid-march, Kansai Gaidai University international students, local students, and even some staff participated in a poll that asked for people’s favorite spots to grab a quick bite, have a good meal, or satisfy their sweet tooth.

Among the forty-nine responses, Dip Rasna was the clear winner with twelve votes! Dip Rasna is an Indian food restaurant located across the street from Hirakata City Hospital, next to Ages Cafe. A few people even recommended their favorite dishes such as the butter chicken curry, the naan, and many of the various curry set options they provide.

The second place is awarded to Roman, a small abura soba restaurant directly across the street from KGU Nakamiya Campus. The third place is a tie between the nearby Indian restaurant Bharat and the Japanese classic food chain Sukiya.

The results can be viewed in the poll pictured below.
It’s clear that Hirakata has a wealth of delicious food spots and I hope that this poll can be a reference for places to try out when you’re looking for a bite to eat!